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Eat breakfast in style with £348 toaster

It is claimed to perfect the making of toast.

1y ago

Breakfast would be a great deal less of an inconvenience if it was just readymade.

I’m talking about a proper breakfast with eggs and sausages and a whole variety of deeply filling foods – not just a bowl of dry cereal with some lumpy milk.

It’s probably quite easy to find (amongst the dust and spiders at the back of a Poundland shop) some form of microwave breakfast with plastic bacon and green bread that you can pop in the magic oven for thirty seconds. But, because salt and salmonella is not my favourite meal, I’d probably give it a miss. The only other option for a convenient breakfast is to hire a butler, but these insist on receiving annoying things like payment and time off.

Amazon are now offering a device that goes some way to providing a solution. It’s a toaster which, although not particularly ground-breaking in itself, has one very special feature: it costs £348.09. Finally a device for literally burning money.

Devised by a Japanese company called Balmuda, the toaster is supposed to create the “ultimate” slice of toast – a bold claim, given that there are strange people in existence who believe that toast should either be raw bread or actually on fire.

The toaster is ingeniously named “The Toaster” and is alleged to be able to offer “the best flavour and texture” by using “unique steam technology” to produce toast similar to freshly-baked bread.

Reviews on Amazon’s US site are overwhelmingly positive with seventy five percent of them being five stars. However, predictably the UK site portrays a different story. There is only one review on there (one star) from a user who couldn’t set up The Toaster because all of the instructions were in Japanese. If only James May had been on hand to help.

To me, the steaming process just makes it seem like I’d end up with soggy bread – something that I really wouldn’t want at five o’clock on a Monday morning. Or ever, come to think about it. But, if you like your bread boiled this might just be the hottest toaster for you.

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  • My favourite part of this ridiculous waste is that it costs £5 shipping on top! 😂

      1 year ago
  • Reminds me of an old cheech and Chong movie, it was called "up in smoke"

      1 year ago