Eat Pickle Rick for realsies! (in Australia)

Krispy Kreme Australia have released Rick and Morty Doughnuts so you can nom on your favourite animated characters!

1y ago

Krispy Kreme Australia have collaborated with Adult Swim to bring us Rick and Morty themed donuts. This range includes a Pickle Rick donut, a Strawberry Smiggles Doughnut and Simple Rick’s Wafer Cookie Doughnut. And if all that doughy deliciousness leaves you parched, then grab a cup of Fleeb Juice Shake!

Krispy Kreme claim that they have scoured multiple realities to bring these flavours to their beloved customers, so find a store or get on Uber Eats to try. Each doughnut costs $3.60, or get a box of four for $12.95.

They're only available until 16 March, so you'll have to be quick.

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