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Eat the rainbow: Quinoa coconut porridge recipe

F​orget finding the pot of gold, this rainbow is all goodness

50w ago

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F​orget finding the pot of gold, this rainbow is all goodness. The wonderful dietitian Sian Porter speaks eloquently about how eating the rainbow is important, exciting and good for you.

"To make something resembling a rainbow on top of this quinoa porridge turned out to be a little more tricky than I’d hoped for, as of course the fruit don’t come in convenient sizes ever-decreasing semi-circles. But I persevered and got a bit of a wonky rainbow, smiled and ate it up.

"So you can have a play and make a rainbow, or just cut everything up and shower the rainbow over the top. Feel free to vary the fruits to use what is in season, what you fancy, or just what you happen to have in the bowl. The lime is key though, it gives the porridge a vigorous burst of freshness and you a great burst of zest for whatever is next…"

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