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Eat with friends at McDonald's virtual restaurants

Finally a solution to those missing the ambience of McDonald’s dining.

32w ago

Slowly but surely McDonald’s branches are beginning to reopen.

Indeed, emphasis should be put on the word “slowly” for two very good reasons: firstly, adequate health and safety measures have to be ensured at all of the restaurants to reduce the likelihood of coronavirus exposure to customers and staff; secondly, because the queues at drive-thrus are so long that people are literally waiting hours to get served. This is standard practice if you were eating at a theme park, but vastly more frustrating when you’re just nipping to the local Golden Arches.

The booming question is: is it worth it? Well, I would think that it’s probably not. A craving for salt and fat could just as easily be satisfied by eating fifty packets of crisps from the comfort of your own sofa – exactly where you’ve been permanently sat for the past three months.

Wonderfully, Ronald McDonald and his pals have realised this and have now created a solution that allows you to enjoy the delights of eating in a McDonald’s restaurant without having to put up with screaming children and teenagers smearing every table with tomato sauce.

The firm has published a variety of backgrounds that can be downloaded and displayed on video chats. This means that you can enjoy your homemade Maccy D’s with your friends, family or reflections of yourself while reminiscing about 99p burgers and gorgeous McFlurries.

In the US, McDonald’s has partnered with DoorDash, which allows you to order your favourite McDonald’s meals direct from the restaurants and have them delivered to your home. Thanks to that, the best of McDonald’s can be loved with hardly any effort at all. Now all that’s needed is someone to fork the food into your mouth.

McDonald’s confident and precise steps to returning its business to normality mean that every day I am getting increasingly closer to improving my Happy Meal toy collection.

What will your next McDonald’s order be?

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