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Echidna breaks into store, smashes stuff and gets drunk before passing out

It happened in Australia, didn't it?

8w ago

An echidna, a small egg-laying mammal that vaguely looks like a hedgehog (but apparently isn't), recently went rogue in Australia. It broke into the a Bottle O store, smashed some of the bottles - and presumably drank some of the content - before passing out.

Brian Watson-Bell, who works at the store in question, told ABC that he thought “there had to be a critter in here somewhere – there was just too much damage for a rat.”

“He had gone through a couple of bottles of vodka and a bottle of chocolate Baileys, he was sleeping it off for sure,” Watson-Bell joked. “I think if he had gone for a crawl he would have been stumbling a bit, I don’t think he was fit to drive.”

The “culprit” was later escorted away from the store by a volunteer from WIRES Wildlife Rescue charity and freed shortly after.

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