Eggslut chefs reveal their technique for perfect scrambled eggs

Everyone does them differently, but let's learn something from the best

Eggslut didn't quite write the book on cooking eggs, but they did name their company after them. As you can expect, they take their egg cooking technique pretty seriously – they serve perfect eggs all day every day in their brunch chains.

If you're anything like me, then cooking eggs is a seriously hit-and-miss activity. Scrambled eggs, especially; sometimes they're runny and raw, sometimes they stick to the bottom, and sometimes the pepper turns them grey.

Fortunately for people like me, the chefs at Eggslut have released a video of their scrambled egg technique, and it's different from usual in more ways than one.

First of all, they suggest you get a wide, non-stick frying pan, and break the eggs into it while the pan is still cold. You then break up the eggs so they're a consistent colour and throw in a knob of butter. Once you've stirred them into a consistent, well mixed liquid, you get the pan on the heat.

They suggest you use a spatula to do all of this; it will mean the eggs aren't agitated or aerated, giving them a velvety texture.

As the eggs cook, keep scraping the bottom and turning the eggs, as if you're layering up the eggs with each turn. You can shake the pan to stop them sticking.

As soon as they are holding together, mix in some salt and chives and get them out of the pan – keeping them in the hot pan will mean they carry on cooking, even off the heat.

You can have a look at the video here.

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  • I have watched them make some of their sandwiches before and they look really good.

      1 year ago