Elon Musk fakes meal out with photo from restaurant's instagram

Anything to end the lockdown for the Tesla man

35w ago

Some people are coping with lockdown better than others. Elon Musk, it's fair to say, is struggling. He's gone on a number of twitter tirades / meltdowns, violated the lockdown rules to reopened one of his factories, and named his newborn X Æ A-12.

Now, Elon has shared a photo of an ice cream sundae. Presumably, he was trying to give the impression that he was out and about, defying the lockdown.

However, one vigilant vigilante has revealed that the image Musk posted was in fact first posted in 2017.

Molly Shah's tweet has gone viral, and she's since backed it up with a number of additional tweets. One of which was a repost of the original:

The twittersphere was outraged by Musk's misdirection. One user commented, "Someone tell that fool to log off the net and raise that damn son of his, Xerox or whatever".

Some simply got distracted by the dessert in question. One user tweeted the following:

It does look like a top notch pud, but the internet weren't ready to let Musk off the hook, even if he did have a good eye for sundaes.

It wasn't long before things got aggressive:

Before becoming sidetracked:

All in all, another mildly jovial and lighthearted tale the come from twitter.

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