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Embrace the 'Little Chef' within: a Pixar cookery channel is here

Get excited, FoodTribers. Cooking with Pixar is officially a thing

1y ago

Already watched and re-watched all of your childhood faves on Disney Plus? Already tried your hand at making Disneyland's iconic churros and Dole whips? Don't worry – we've got something new, shiny and equally delightful to keep you occupied during lockdown. Get excited, FoodTribers: Cooking with Pixar is officially a thing.

As everyone's favourite Parisian ghost chef – that's Gusteau from Ratatouille – once said, "Anyone can cook". And thanks to Pixar's new YouTube series, anyone can now cook the animated dishes we've been eyeing up for years from the other side of the silver screen.

But this isn't just "Cooking *like* Pixar". Oh no. This is "Cooking *with* Pixar" – so you can be sure that a host of cartoony heroes will be showing up to help you and the kids on your way to culinary greatness. So far, Forky from Toy Story 4, Bao (the cute little dumpling character from the eponymous short film) and Ian and Barley from Onward have made dazzling cameos.

The dishes they've been making? Well, Forky has helped demonstrate how to make a de-lish Pizza Planet pizza, Ian and Barley have gifted us one heck of a tasty-looking birthday cake recipe, and Bao has shown us all how to make... erm, himself. Yum!

What's next? The Empire biscuits from Brave? The ratatouille from Ratatouille? There's only one way to find out. Stay tuned...

What famous Pixar dish would you like to see being recreated next?

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