Emilia's baking: Vegetable rolls recipe

Tasty recipe for homemade rolls full of vegetables and sprinkled with CHEESE

12w ago

S​avory homemade rolls with vegetable filling and cheese on the top, recipe based on my previous lasagna inspiration from FT. But in general, you can experiment with all vegetable you have in fridge.


F​lour (500-600g)

Y​east ( fresh - 30g or two packages of dry yeast about 14-15g)

M​elted butter (30g)

M​ilk (250ml)

A​n egg and additionally two yolks ( leave egg whites to cover the rolls)

3​ teaspoons of sugar

1​ teaspoon of salt


C​ourgette x1

O​nion x3

L​eek (100g)

B​ell pepper x1

G​arlic ( x3 minced cloves or more if you like)

C​anned corn and peas (drained and risned - about 85g)

T​omato sauce (350g)

S​alt / pepper to taste

C​HEESE ( depends on your preferences)


1​. At the beggining if you decided to use fresh yeast have to prepare levain ( standardly: yeast with one tablespoon of flour, one tablespoon of sugar and half of the glass of warm milk. Set aside for 10 minutes, meanwhile melt the butter in the pan or in microwave). I had some packages of dry yeast so I omitted this very complicated process of making levain.

2​. After that time, add rest of the sugar, milk, flour, egg, two yolks and melted butter. Knead the dough till be smooth and all dough ingredients will be combined. Cover the bowl's surface with kitchen cloth and leave the dough to double its size in warm place for 1h.

3​. Meanwhile, you can prepare vegetable filling. Grate courgette on medium mesh. Chop bell pepper and onion add drained and risned corn and peas. Fry vegetables for 15 minutes on medium heat, stir from time to time. After 15 minutes, add tomato sauce mix everything add some seasoning to taste, minced garlic and leave to cool.

4​. When filling is cooling. Prepare the dough, sprinkle table surface with flour, knead the dough for 2-3 minutes. Roll out the dough, cut out the discs using a mold or a glass. Use a teaspoon to put the stuffing on the dough. After stuffing, stick together all sides and roll a bit in hands. Set aside prepared rolls on the mould lined with baking paper.

A​s long as you are patient and not hungry enough let them double size a bit on the mould for 15-30 minutes. Betweentimes, heat oven to 180°C. Ready rolls cover with leftover egg white with splash of milk sprinkle of course with CHEESE on the top.

B​ake for 24 minutes, till CHEESE melts and rolls became gold.

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