Ending the #TrySomethingNew Challenge for good

I'm fairly disappointed by the lack of participants, especially those members who said they'll go for it *cough John Coleman*

Let's start with the lack of participants and my own mistakes first. My best guess is that people took the challenge the wrong way from the very beginning. The way of me, writing and explaining it is probably wrong, since my English is by far my weakest point. People decided it should be sort of a torture for them, while ignoring the fact that I've deliberately included the challenge in my palm dates review, since they were a very pleasant surprise.

Don't get me wrong, I would've loved seeing somebody eating a Carolina Reaper, but that wasn't the point. The idea behind the whole thing came months ago, as I was watching Patricia Pedrosa, trying a cucumber - something which she was reluctant to do, but she was pleasantly surprised in conclusion to her video. That was the point - try something that is probably good or at least somewhat suited to your own likings, but you have been reluctant to try before, much like Pat with the cucumber and me with the palm dates.

Time to award Jeannine L, who's article made me cringe first and laugh later. I saw the squirrel on the picture and the word "squirrel" in the title . . and for a moment, I thought she ate a squirrel. Of course, this wasn't the case and we laughed about it, but I've had a heart attack for a moment there. I wish I had more than 250 coins to award you, because you've put an enormous amount of efforts for your participation. From gathering the actual acorns, then preparing and eating them, and finally - writing such an extensive and informative piece about your experience. Such devotion deserves the applause of the whole FoodTribe!

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  • Thank you for your challenge. I'm sorry to hear that.

    I have been very busy and I wanted to do this properly. I have bought the thing I have never tried before. But I am yet to find time to make something with it and write about it. So the challenge might be over, but I will join in the upcoming months! 😅😅

      3 months ago
  • Congratulations to and for winning and thank you once again for participating! 😊

      3 months ago
  • C'mon Vencolini, people had FUN - and as for me, I'm hitting the foodie scene again from this weekend, after a basement hibernation, so expect an apologetic late entry at some point...

      3 months ago
  • Thank you very much. Though it might not have looked like it from from taste test reaction video, I had a lot of fun with all the research and preparation... the writing was fun, as well! Thank you for hosting the contest, and I'm sorry there weren't more takers. I'll continue to enjoy your factual and scientific articles, but I hope that one day you will change your mind and try another challenge. This one was lots of fun...

      3 months ago
  • didn't do mine either 😒 any of them. I appreciate the love. I do actually hope to find a few vegan foods I like. That mac sounded so good too! You shouldn't give up though!

      3 months ago