English bakery throws birthday party for its sourdough starter

It's a big occasion – 65 years young today

42w ago

A healthy sourdough starter is a happy place where yeast and lactobacilli thrive in a harmonious symbiotic relationship.. It's the yeast that multiplies and produces bubbles via fermentation, giving sourdough the amazing texture we love. This relies on the yeast being alive so it can metabolise, so it's no exaggeration to say it is essentially another worker in a bakery.

The staff at Hobbs House Bakery in the Cotswolds certainly agree. Having carefully maintained their starter so it can be used in each of their sourdough products, they've kept the old girl going for 65 years.

The owners of the bakery received the starter as a gift, with it having been brought to England from Germany in 1955, although it's thought it had been alive and well from the early 1920s! So it's more of an anniversary than a birthday.

Such a momentous occasion rarely goes unobserved for people, so the bakery decided – with the starter being such an important part of their business – that it was only right to mark the occasion with a celebration.

A banner was hung, party hats were worn and, of course, a card was given, emblazoned with the impressive milestone. In keeping with tradition, two cupcakes were made carrying a 6 candle and a 5 candle, respectively.

Marking the occasion on Instagram, the bakery said, "Our Sourdough Starter has turned an impressive 65 years old! 🎉Unlike most she will not be retiring at this age, she will be working for many more decades to come rising an infinite amount of magnificent loaves. Such an important member of staff deserves a fitting celebration."

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  • Sourdough starters and yogurt cultures fascinate me with their ability to continue on through decades.

      9 months ago