Enjoy summer with drive and dine cinemas

A wonderful combination of food and film.

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It is an indisputable truth that schools are a vital asset to society – as well as to the peace and tranquillity of anyone living next door to a play park. Or, indeed, a dark, dingy and eternally unloved alleyway.

Over recent weeks it seems to have been increasingly argued that pubs are a far more crucial commodity than any place that merely encourages the good education of children. This, perhaps, is not a particularly convincing opinion; however, if the subject was cinemas I would be fully behind it.

Although the nation's dominating silver screens have been secluded from public eyes since the coronavirus lockdown began on 26th March, finally glimmers of hope are appearing – and that's not just from the swathes of dust glinting in intruding sunlight.

Tom Kerridge (the brain box and Michelin-starred chef behind immensely popular events such as Pub in the Park) has switched his attention from sunbathing and boozing to the far more impressive specialism of movie screening – with a handy dose of exquisite dining thrown in.

To work around the closure of traditional cinemas, Kerridge's new scheme – called Drive and Dine Theatre – allows customers to drive to the venue and indulge a favourite film and special meal from their cars. Although it may seem like a typically American plan, at no point is there any mention of NASCAR racing or banjo strumming.

Drive and Dine is running throughout July and will feature films including Grease, La La Land, Mamma Mia, Back to the Future and Jaws (a favourite of mine). If watching repeats of old movies isn't your thing (we wouldn't get on), exclusive shows from comedian Mark Watson will also be available. The quality cuisine on the menu includes a cheeseburger with maple cured bacon and a five bean chilli vegan burrito, as well as picnic boxes for children and an array of seductive desserts.

The good news is that despite incredible popularity there are limited tickets available; the bad news is that unless you live in the Southern bubble you're going to have a long way to drive. Maybe you could consider a chauffeur.

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