Ever tasted dragon's milk?

Sweet mother of dragons, its good!

Scott Nadeau posted in Beer
1y ago

I may have mentioned before that my father in-law and I are trying to get more and more into drinking craft beer. Now before you roll your eyes, we're really taking it seriously! This was one of his finds. He is getting into stouts, porters, and high ABV stuff. This one got his attention and he traded a bottle to me to try.

It's certainly a dark, heavy beer. I would say it tastes somewhere between a beer and a mixed drink. It was enjoyable to drink, but I definintely wouldn't have been able to drink a second one even if I had it. Not really my cup fo tea, I mean beer, as I tend to like the light drinkable stuff better. If you are really into the dark beers though, add this one to your list!

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