Everyone can get paid to post on FoodTribe

Yes, we know it's about having fun, but we also now pay for every post that goes to our homepage

37w ago

FoodTribe now pays for every post that gets promoted to our Hot homepage.

Previously, the DriveTribe and FoodTribe Creators Programme monetised a selected group of FoodTribers who applied to be in the Programme, based on the engagement their posts received. Over time it's become clear this was not fair on users who were new to the platform and creating great content from the get-go.

So, if you're a FoodTriber and you're posting, your posts may be promoted to our Hot feed and earn some cash!


The amount we pay for a homepage promotion varies from month to month depending on our revenue. We’ll add up your month’s homepage promotions and pay these monthly – usually halfway through the following month (ie, you’ll get paid for your March homepage promotions in the middle of April). It won’t be enough to retire on, but it’s our way of saying 'thanks, have a beer' for taking the time to create great content!


If your content is added to the homepage during a month, we'll reach out and contact you for your PayPal email address. Alternatively, rather than waiting until you've written a cracking post that makes the homepage: you can fill in this form.

Unfortunately if you haven't given us your PayPal by the time we make the payments, we won't be able to pay for that month.


The Hot feed on FoodTribe is like the bakery window of the platform to new users and future FoodTribe partners alike - so we love it to be as varied, beautiful, fun, and engaged as possible.

Promotion of posts is done by actual humans, so it's more an art than a science, and there's no hard and fast rules. We love to promote posts with good photography, great recipes (presented well!), food and drink stories from wherever you are in the world, interesting features, fun quizzes and polls, news and videos. And it's always great to see you chatting and engaging with other FoodTribers, as that's what makes new users feel at home on the platform!


If you’re regularly being promoted to the homepage, we may reach out to invite you to the DriveTribe and FoodTribe Discord server, where you can chat with fellow creators, formulate new ideas or just make memes of the FoodTribe/DriveTribe staff.


Drop it below and tag @John Coleman or @Rachael Hogg

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Comments (13)

  • Thanks for sharing your revenue with us all, it's the best online community ever! It was a bit of a surprise to be approached, but it was also really exciting. It's so wonderful that we can all appreciate and acknowledge each other's work, and inspire others to keep uping our game. Thanks so much again, those payments are the best little reward for efforts that are genuinely made. Together we can keep working hard to keep these platforms awesome. ❤️

      8 months ago
  • Is there anything to stop me deleting old content and reposting it, in the hope that I become a chosen one?

      8 months ago
  • I wanted to fill the form given in the link, but it is asking for drivetribe URL in the form, can you please help me. I tried going on my profile and looking for my link. Can't see it.

      5 months ago
  • I once got onto the homepage and did not get paid. This was about 4-5 weeks ago! Can I still get paid?

      6 months ago
  • Being promoted to homepage is such a great feeling knowing that someone appreciated and acknowledged you and even embracing your culture through food. Im so happy and thankful as well that i become a part of this awesome platform.

      5 months ago