Everyone's obsessed with vodka pasta right now: here's my recipe

Who knew adding vodka to pasta sauce could be the best decision you make this week?

28w ago

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Ok so the world is obsessed with vodka pasta right now. Everyone on TikTok is obsessed with vodka pasta, you’re obsessed with vodka pasta, I’m obsessed with vodka pasta. It’s bloody great.

Mix a few simple ingredients together, get huge flavour, and a dish you genuinely won’t be able to stop munching your way through.

I’ve been playing around with the Finders Spirits range, and thought the triple-distilled vodka would be perfect to jazz up my dinner.

For those of you wondering, despite vodka not having a particularly strong or easily definable flavour, it really is key to a vodka sauce (not just in name). It has an emulsifying effect, helping the sauce to become creamier and more tomato-ey (technical term). It also cuts through the creaminess and adds a sharp, bright flavour to it.

So, time to make the dish everyone’s obsessed with. This is my vodka pasta recipe.

Finders Spirits vodka pasta

Find out more about Finders Spirits triple-distilled vodka.

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Comments (7)

  • Looks great!

      6 months ago
  • I actually have a bottle of vodka, which has been around for some time because I hardly ever drink vodka, so I might just put it to good use. Thanks for posting Rachael 😊

      6 months ago
  • Yep this is definitely on the list! Thanks for sharing Rachael 👍

      6 months ago
  • Well damn. I think I may try this, while drinking vodka I mean water. 😂

      6 months ago
  • Well this is reason enough to buy a bottle of vodka

      6 months ago