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Everything you need to know about #cookjan – Are you taking part?

Dismissing notorious diet-culture-focused New Year Resolutions, with a new outlook on the enjoyment of food

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Are you one of the many people seeking to overturn the barrage of New Year's resolutions aimed at weight loss and restrictive diets, which ultimately diminish the joy of simply enjoying food?

In that case, enter #cookjan - an initiative created by podcaster, editor, and writer Alice Slater that aims to help people reconnect with food in a meaningful and enjoyable way. This allows individuals to shift the focus from body goals and diet plans to a conscientious approach towards the enjoyment and love of food, whilst still nourishing the body and improving overall health.

The goal of #cookjan - as hashtagged on social media - is to celebrate food throughout the month of January, in any way that you choose. This could be through posting photos of your daily meals on Instagram, sharing your favourite recipes on Twitter, or perhaps, creating a post of your favourite online food blogs on FoodTribe!

There are no rules to this initiative, so however you choose to get involved, the essence of this month is to nurture a positive connection with food in any way you find comfortable.

Not to mention that the current lockdown period is the perfect opportunity to experiment with ways to enjoy food, and share your #cookjan journey on social media.

Will you join the #cookjan movement?

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