Everything you need to know about green tea

How to make it and when to drink it.

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Exact information about the origin of green tea is lost in ancient history, but there is a legend that it was discovered by Chinese Emperor Shennong around 2750 BC and made it his favorite beverage.

It was the Chinese who noticed that growing tea plants in different parts of the country could give them different flavors of tea, and by perfecting different methods of production from the same plant, they came up with three types of tea, one being green and the other two oolong and black. Greens are mostly drunk in Japan, China, North Africa and the Middle East, while black tea is more commonly drunk in the rest of the world.

To date, scientists have discovered more than 300 components of green tea, some of which apparently have healing properties.

Some studies have shown that it can also be useful in preventing type 2 diabetes and lowering blood sugar. Of course, you also need to couple this with healthy eating and regular exercise. However, tea seems to help achieve the desired sugar values.

Also, there are studies that suggest that green tea lowers cholesterol, unlike coffee, which raises cholesterol levels. Green tea prevents LDL (bad cholesterol) buildup in your arteries, which can help to reduce your risk of heart disease and strokes. And when it comes to skin, green tea is believed to improve the body's natural resistance to UV rays. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory properties, helps to soothe sensitive skin, protecting it from further irritation. Due to the high content of polyphenols, it is thought to help destroy bacteria that cause bad breath, so green tea extract is a common ingredient in toothpaste today. There are also studies showing that two cups of green tea a day elevate the mood.

It is best to drink it freshly prepared

Green tea, like most teas, should not be prepared with boiling water, but with water heated to 60-70°C, shortly before boiling. You will benefit most from green tea if you drink freshly brewed tea, which was brewed for three-five minutes.

Adding milk should be avoided, because studies show that it stops the beneficial effect of catechins (the tea's active ingredient). It is better to drink it with a little lemon, because large amounts of tea can stop the absorption of iron from fruits and vegetables, and vitamin C prevents this.

Green tea is rich in anti-oxidants, which have anti-inflammatory properties, making it ideal for pre- and post-workout training to prevent muscle damage and reduce inflammation. It helps you stay hydrated, which is important for training and recovery. You can drink it warm and cold.

Green tea is best brewed fresh, but you can also prepare it as iced tea by keeping it in the fridge, and you can add spices or fruits for a refreshing taste.

Some studies show green tea has healing benefits

Some studies also suggest that it is useful for preventing cognitive loss. It can also be used in baths or face cleansers as it has been known to have positive effects against acne and various inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis. For a bath, add a cup of bitter salt, three tablespoons of green tea powder in a bath of warm water, stir and enjoy for 20 minutes.

Good substitute for morning coffee

Green tea is a great substitute for morning coffee as it is proven to increase psychophysical energy, which is mainly responsible for polyphenols. In addition, after tea you will not experience a surge of energy, but a slow release of energy that keeps you active for longer. However, as with coffee, it is not recommended to drink more than two to three cups of green tea a day, and especially avoid it at bedtime as some types contain levels of caffeine. Pregnant and lactating women should avoid it.

300-400 mg

A cup of tea contains about 50-100 mg of caffeine and 300-400 mg of polyphenols, which are responsible for the antioxidant effect.

Green tea with ginger to cleanse the body

In the prepared green tea, while still warm, grate some ginger and let stand, to release compounds that promote the cleansing of the body. Tea prepared in this way can be brewed and chilled. You can sweeten it with some honey.

What's your favourite kind of tea?

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