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This is a big one

46w ago

Hello everyone,

We've recently released three very exciting features for FoodTribe and DriveTribe. Hopefully they’ll make both platforms more fun and rewarding to use for everyone – regardless of whether you prefer to create content or just read it.


TribeCoin is a digital currency that will enable a number of new features. You can earn TribeCoin by completing some basic tasks, such as signing up and downloading our apps (DriveTribe and FoodTribe). You can then earn some more by creating stellar content or by taking part in various challenges. If you go to your profile, you will be able to see your TribeCoin balance. If it is zero, logout and back in!

If you run out of TribeCoin, you will be able to purchase more at a very low cost. At this point you may be asking: yeah, but why do I need them? What can I do with them? Well…

Tribe Awards

TribeCoin can be used to buy Tribe Awards. These are awards you can give to our amazing community of creators. Those range from a wide array of emoji reactions to custom made badges featuring our very own Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. You can get a flavour of this in the image below.

This is very meta.

This is very meta.

It doesn’t stop there – we will use those awards to run some complex maths to determine which content should show first on the homepage feed. By using TribeCoins and giving out Tribe Awards you can help your favourite creators get their work in front of more people. Plus, the little badges look really cool, and make it easier to find the hottest content on the platform.

If all this sounds interesting, read on, there is more.

Additional notes

* If you are on the app and cannot see the feature, close it and open it again. If you don't have automatic updates turned on, please head to your app store and update.

* Subscriptions and bundle purchases are only available through the websites (drivetribe.com and foodtribe.com) for now. Top right, next to your profile picture.

* To get free coins: a) Download DriveTribe and login b) Download FoodTribe and login. This will provide enough to get you started.

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