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Ex-bartender is selling nudes to help struggling food service workers

100% of the proceeds will go towards servers, bartenders, cooks, and other restaurant workers

1y ago

A group of former service industry workers in Dallas have come up with a pretty unique way of helping other employees in their community. After they were laid off due to the coronavirus pandemic, these guys have decided to really go the extra mile to help other workers: they’ve decided to sell nude photos.

It’s for a project called Nudes for Industry Babes and Dudes (don’t Google it) and according to Eater, it’s the idea of Katherine Doolittle. She was a bartender who previously worked at Dallas’ Ebb & Flow.

Apparently she took inspiration from the Australian woman who used nude photos to raise over $1 million for the victims of the country’s wildfires last year.

Doolittle told Eater: “We figured we could do the same thing for people who are in need.”

She got two of her friends on board (we’ve no idea how) who were also affected by the city’s closures of restaurants and strip clubs. Local photographers are going to take the photos and they’ll be sold in an album. The nudes will be sold via a platform like OnlyFans, where you can buy subscriptions to exclusive content.

Doolittle says they’re still figuring out exactly how the proceeds will be distributed but 100% of it will go towards servers, bartenders, cooks, and other restaurant workers.

She said: “What we’re able to do really depends on how much money we get, and there’s no way of knowing that right now. We’re obviously going to take care of our coworkers and family members in the industry, and anyone else that we’re able to help.”

Nudes for Industry Babes and Dudes will go live later this week. Err… then you can Google it.

“The more that we can get this out there, the more money that we can make to help more people,” she says. “We need people to get involved. They don’t even have to pay anything, just click share.”

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Comments (7)

  • If I were selling mine, I’d make 83 cents total.

      1 year ago
  • all ideas are weird until they become a success.

      1 year ago
  • Glad there isn’t a picture in this article 😳

      1 year ago
  • It could work.....but I couldn't get it over my heart. I just cant.

      1 year ago
  • It is proofed that it can work. It is a nice Idea. Why not, everything that’s helps, helps. 👍🏼

      1 year ago