Factory workers arrested after stealing nearly 3000lbs of cheese

For reference, that's a LOT of cheese

1w ago

Cheese is one of those strange foods that once you start eating it, you can't seem to stop yourself (assuming you like cheese in the first place, that is.)

However, that doesn't quite excuse the fact that a number of factory workers in one of Cuba's state-owned cheese factories decided to act on their strong love for the yellow stuff, and steal almost 3000lbs of creamy, dairy-based goodness from their factory, according to Cuban news network Canal Caribe.

The news outlet reported that the authorities had arrested a total of four employees from the Holguín Dairy Company, after they transported 1,485lbs of cheese from the factory in the east of Holguín.

In total, during their cheese-robbing spree, the quartet are believed to have stolen 2,945lbs of cheese - enough to keep any dairy-obsessed foodie occupied for quite some time.

After stealing the cheese, they reportedly stored it between two homes, just yards from the warehouse it was stolen from. The goods were stored inside commercial refrigerators, and then flogged on the black market to restaurant owners before the thieves were caught, and charged with theft and 'unlawful possession of stolen goods.'

Clearly, these guys really, REALLY loved cheese. A little too much...

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Comments (2)

  • That is a lot if cheese! 🧀

      10 days ago
  • Yes cheese can be very expensive

      10 days ago