Fancy a cuppa? Brits get through 61 BILLION tea bags each year

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We Brits love a good stereotype, and there's none truer than the fact that we LOVE tea. Now, we have data to back it up; Apparently, we get through 61 BILLION tea bags per year - enough to cover almost 31,000 football pitches!

This data comes as a result of a survey by JING tea, which surveyed 2000 tea drinkers to get a picture of our drinking habits here in Britain.

Those 2000 drinkers used - on average - four tea bags per day, equating to 1,460 per person, per year. Multiply that by our population, and... yeah. That's a lot of tea. It also says that almost 167m tea bags are binned or composted every day.

Lockdown has also seen our drinking spike to new heights, with a 27% rise in tea drinking since March 2020. This could be to do with our drinking habits, with 1/3 of those surveyed saying that having a cuppa was a form of comfort to them, while 1-in-20 put the kettle on to help them in a crisis.

It turns out we're also rather traditional in our habits. More than 30% said they 'weren't adventurous' with their tea drinking, and 1-in-5 say they simply drink their tea in the same way their parents do, having picked up the habit while living with them.

This study also discovered that taste is the top factor in choosing tea, with 66% saying it was the thing that would make them buy a certain brand or type of tea, followed by cost (15%) and sustainability (5%)

Despite that, 1/3 of those surveyed said they would switch from teabags to loose-leaf if they knew it was better for the planet, while 29% said they believed it was a more sustainable way to drink their tea.

This was revealed after a third of those surveyed via OnePoll said they would switch from teabags to loose leaf tea if they knew it was better for the environment, with 29 per cent believing it is more sustainable.

But of those who don’t drink loose leaf tea, half consider it to be messy and one in five think it’s difficult to make.

Ed Eisler, the founder of JING Tea, said: “Britain is known as a nation of tea drinkers, but we’ve traditionally been very unadventurous in our drinking. Given how many teabags we get through, it is great to see more people exploring the world of loose leaf teas, particularly since the lockdowns began."

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  • When I was growing up we had a tea pot and a tea strainer and you let the tea brew under a tea cosy, which was a woolly hat you put over the tea pot

      1 month ago
  • Growing up when a billion meant 1,000,000,000,000 I had to remind myself that since 1974 (in the UK) it now means only 1,000,000,000. I did a double take when I first saw the headline! A thousand tea bags per person is a lot easier to accept than a million perperson.☕☕☕😁😁😎

      1 month ago