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    Farm Traveler Podcast - Forestry

    Let's talk about wood...

    Today our guest on the podcast is an old friend, Will Leonard. Will is a forester in North West Florida and will talk to us about what all his job encompasses, how timber is harvested and much more. Will is also going to touch base on the impact that hurricane Michael has had on the timber industry since it made landfall back in October of 2018.

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    Key points we will cover:

    Prepping the land for planting timber

    Timber Harvesting

    Pulpwood vs Saw timber

    Pine tree species in Florida

    Building relationships with timber growers

    Hurricane Michael’s impact on the Florida Timber industry

    Facts mentioned in the podcast:

    17 million acres of timber land in Florida

    FL Forestry producers over 30,000 jobs

    FL Forestry provides the state with $25 Billion in revenue

    72 Million tons of timer were destroyed from Hurricane Micheal which equals 3.5 million log trucks

    Additional information :

    Economic Contributions of the Forest Industry

    Fox News Report on Florida Forestry after Hurricane Michael

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