Fashion company Supreme launches branded Oreo

The new accessories in Supreme's spring/summer 2020 are even weirder than last year...

1y ago

Supreme, a world-renowned high-end streetwear company, has been slapping its logo on objects for years; they've sold Supreme dice, hammers and even fire extinguishers.

In this year's selection is more unusual objects, including a tool chest, a set of binoculars and, yes, Oreo cookies. This is the first edible product from the company, although it's likely these will be so expensive that owners are more likely to display them than eat them.

These cookies, dyed to classic 'Supreme' red, are double filled and come in packs of three. Since the products won't be released until 27 February, there's no way to know how much these will be sold for. Usually, Supreme products sell for far more when resold, but this won't necessarily be an option with this product!


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