Drinks brought to you by
Drinks brought to you by
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F​avorite Drinks From The Internet

F​ace it, we all have our favorite drinks. And they probably come from the internet. I have quite a few that I wanted to share, this is one of them.

2y ago

Alabama Slammer #2


2 parts Southern Comfort

1 part Amaretto

1 part Sloe gin

Orange juice to taste

Mixing instructions:

Shake ingredients with a few ice cubes and pour into shot glasses. Can also be served in pint or highball glasses.

​You can find this one and many others at thewebtender.com .

T​his one packs a mean punch so drink responsibly. Unless you’re home, then do what ever it is that you do. No judgement here. I’ve probably done worse. 🙄🤘🏾

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