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FDA requests data on sesame allergy

Is sesame allergy a growing concern in the United States?

2y ago

The US Food and Drug Administration recently issued a request for data on the prevalence and severity of sesame allergies. It's possible regulatory action requiring sesame to be labeled as an allergen on packaged foods may result.

If you look around you can find sesame seeds sprinkled on everything. For those with sesame allergies this can pose quite a problem especially if the allergy is so severe that cross contamination can trigger a reaction.

The Jama Network who ran the study including 78,851 people found and estimated .49% of the US population reported a current sesame allergy. The Jama Network discussion then begine and more can be found here. "This study is the first, to our knowledge, to comprehensively characterize the population-level burden of sesame allergy among US children and adults, concluding that an estimated 0.23% of the US population has a current sesame allergy with a history of convincing IgE-mediated symptoms. An additional 0.11% of the US population reported a current physician-diagnosed sesame allergy without a corresponding history of stringent reaction symptoms. Combined, these estimates suggest that more than 0.34% of the US population, or 1.1 million children and adults, are likely to be directly affected by a current sesame allergy. Overall, a total of 0.49% of the US population, or more than 1.5 million children and adults, may have a current sesame allergy, indicating a greater perceived burden of sesame allergy than previously acknowledged."

Food labeling: The food industry currenty values sesame seed as a raw or roasted ingredient, and also for its oil. The seeds can be present in many baked goods, such as bread, bagels, crackers, and cakes that are currently not labeled.

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Comments (3)

  • I’ll be honest, this is the first time I’ve heard of this allergy.

      2 years ago
    • I have one boy who has an allergy to sesame but it's not anything that has caused us problems yet.

        2 years ago
    • I’m allergic to raw tomatoes which is also a strange and rare allergy

        2 years ago