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Feed your chocolate craving for the next 500 years with this giant hamper

The perfect lockdown purchase?

1y ago

Because I got a D grade in A-level Biology, I am clearly a medical expert and possess the vast knowledge needed to keep the human body healthy.

Apples, for example. They’re good, hearty, crunchy things that are filled with many useful components that do a great deal of stuff. Then there’s chocolate.

Chocolate is made from cocoa beans that grow on trees, which probably means that they’re healthy like fruit. Milk used in the production of chocolate is a source of protein; protein assists with maintaining strong bones. It’s thanks to chocolate that the Milky Bar Kid remains so incredibly tough.

So, leaving aside all of the complicated matters like sugar, fat and salt, I have conclusively proved that chocolate is as good for you as going for a ten-mile run – which, given the chocolate haul one website is now offering, is a blessed relief.

Prezzy Box – a company that you will be unsurprised to learn specialises in producing novelty gifts – has launched a humongous chocolate hamper that is overflowing with Cadbury chocolate bars.

The original hampers are piled full of twenty seven of Cadbury’s finest chocolate creations, namely: Dairy Milk, Dairy Milk Caramel, Crunchie, Twirl and Double Decker. The designer boxes are intended to be bought as a gift, coming complete with a personalised name and message – but, I imagine that it’s okay to pretend that you have friends and buy one for yourself.

Due to these exclusives, the hamper has a specialist price: £34.99. More expensive than a trip to Poundland, then. However, if you’d prefer to save some pennies, a smaller hamper is available for the bargain price of, er, £29.99. This downsized version is also more varied, providing (in addition to the goodies listed above): Wispa, Heroes carton, Milk Tray box, Oreo biscuits, Golden Oreo biscuits and Toblerone.

Prezzy Box’s hampers really do solve two problems: firstly, you’ll never be stuck for a present idea ever again; secondly, your nuclear fallout bunker can be stocked in minutes.

What’s your favourite Cadbury chocolate?

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Comments (4)

  • Flake is great 👍

      1 year ago
  • From Canadian stuff I gotta say my favourite is caramilk, Aussie content: Flake, british: Wispa or double decker and for EU: Curly Wurly.

      1 year ago
    • Flakes are great. It's just a shame most ends up on the floor

        1 year ago
    • I had one in a ice cream cone my first time in Australia, a nut flake or something like that. It was amazing as f

        1 year ago