Feeding 5 for under $15 (Meal 3)

I am not a huge fan of pizza (shocking, I know), but if I have to eat it this is the best way to have it.

6w ago

It's not that I don't like pizza. It's okay...I just feel like it is over rated. It would never be my first choice for a meal. With that being said, I realize my opinion is an unpopular one and I do live in a household full of pizza lovers. I have come to learn that if I am going to have to have pizza as often as I do, French Bread Pizza is the way I prefer it. Minimal time, effort, costs and I like the crispy/crunchiness of the baked bread as opposed to the traditional droopy crusted slathered in toppings.

I make mine by simply slicing it in half down the middle of the length of the bread. I removed the soft white bread to hollow it out and then add my marinara, cheese, then toppings of choice and bake for about 10 minutes.

The whole process takes about 15 minutes and I typically spend about 13.50 (5 toppings, spinach, olive, onions, pepperoni, bell pepper) I customize sections of the french bread pizza with each family members preferred toppings or let the kids have fun creating their own. Tonight I had a lot of leftovers of those toppings from other recipes that I made earlier this week, so in actuality all I bought was bread, pizza sauce, and anchovies for my husband's section (GROSS). I included what my typical online cart looks like to reference a typical price point for this meal instead of what I ended up buying today.

Clearly, any kind of pizza is going to be a popular choice for a family meal. This is my quick easy budget friendly preferred way of doing it and as a non-enthusiastic pizza eater I can honestly say I recommend it.

Online shopping cart ingredient pricing.

Online shopping cart ingredient pricing.

I like lots of veggies on pizza!

I like lots of veggies on pizza!

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  • I really like French bread pizza

      1 month ago