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Festival dell'Oriente: perfumes, flavours and colours

An annual fair in Milan where you can savour the flavours of the east

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Every year in Milan, there is a fair where oriental cultures meet in every aspect. Songs, dances, performances, yoga, meditation, market stands and of course... food!

Every year there are numerous ethnic restaurants, and dozens of particular food stands, with all kinds of cuisines to be enjoyed comfortably, seated in refined and exotic environments.

This year, the food on offer was: Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Tibetan, Vietnamese, vegetarian and much more.

The novelty of this year is also the Sushi Village, and being passionate about Japan, it was natural that I would have headed there.



There were many types of Sakè, both in bottles and in barrels and, with enormous pleasure... there was also walking-Sakè. I'm talking about the famous Japanese alcoholic drink also called "rice wine", obtained from a fermentation process involving rice, water and koji spores.

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Chef at work

It was very nice to see Japanese chefs preparing the vegetables for udon (soft wheat noodles). Unfortunately, the other dishes were made in the back, so I could not enjoy the show of the chefs who turned the Takoyaki on the plates with the appropriate pins and flair.



They were delicious anyway. I don't know if you have ever tasted Takoyaki: these are balls made with a wheat flour batter, inside which a piece of octopus is placed.

Walking Okonomiyaki

Walking Okonomiyaki

Here's something I didn't expect. Okonomiyaki is usually a "pizza", or a kind of pancake. It is a sweet and sour dish with different variations, but one thing does not change: the shape. Instead, this time they made a "walking-Okonomiyaki" with sticks. Small but good.

Beer stand

Beer stand

The beer was not Japanese, however. The stand was Italian, and the drinks came from different countries.

The Orient Festival moves around Italy, and can be found in Milan, Genoa, Bologna and other cities. If you happen to be around, I would recommend it. Not only for food but for shows, conferences and stands that sell all kinds of ethnic curiosities.

I love weissbiers, so the choice was obvious. Cheers!

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