Festive Indian delicacy: What is Ghevar?

Let's celebrate the month of August with Ghevar

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India is full of delicious delicacies. One that stands out in the month of August is Ghevar. Made from Maida, Ghee, Sugar and Milk, Ghevar is a sweet from Rajasthan which is associated with the festival of Teej.

Teej is a festival on which girls and women welcome the monsoon season with songs, dancing and prayer rituals, and worship the local goddess.

Image source: https://www.archanaskitchen.com/rajasthani-ghevar-recipe

Image source: https://www.archanaskitchen.com/rajasthani-ghevar-recipe

What is Ghevar?

Ghevar is a disc-shaped sweet which has a honeycomb pattern. Many local shops use a special disc-shaped metal mould to prepare multiple Ghevars. Maida (refined flour) is used to give Ghevar its round shape and after that, it is dipped in sugar syrup. Two types of Ghevar are available in India: sweet and unsweetened.

Ghevar's origin

The story of Ghevar in India started when the sweet was brought to the Indian subcontinent by Wajid Ali Shah. Ghevar quickly became a sensation in Jaipur, Rajasthan and then slowly and steadily reached much of the Northern parts of the country. It is made during the monsoon season because the moisture in the atmosphere is crucial in giving it a good rise.

Although there are disputed versions in terms of the Ghevar’s origin, one thing that isn’t disputed is that it is one of the most delicious Indian sweets, and makes the month of August and monsoon season a whole lot more tasty.

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