Finnair is the latest airline to sell business class meals in supermarkets

And they're selling like hot cakes

25w ago

The travel industry was hit harder than most other industries by C19 restrictions and airlines are getting creative to keep going considering their primary source of revenue is down by at least 60% across the board. Finnair, Finland's flag carrier, is the latest airline to offer home versions of their business class meals, now available in stores near its main hub Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

The first 1,600 meals sold out in days and the airline says it now plans on making these meals available in more supermarkets and stores in the country. Finnair, just like (almost) every other airline has had to cut a lot of jobs and is looking for financial support. Most airlines had to resort to state-backed aid to keep going.

Finnair offerings include beef with grilled spring onion, reindeer meat from Lapland and Japanese-style portk shoulder. Marika Nieminen, head of Finnair kitchen, says "there are redundancies and layoffs going on already at Finnair and we are trying our best to find new innovative ways". Finnair Kitchen’s head of product development, Juha Stenholm, said they're "focusing on business class food so, premium raw materials".

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