Five-star Claridge’s hotel selling fried chicken to go

A cut above your usual KFC order?

45w ago

Claridge’s hotel, one of the best known and most iconic hotels in the world, is selling fried chicken to go.

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused hospitality businesses across the board to shut up shop for months on end, which has been incredibly tough for everyone.

We’ve seen cafes, pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels all finding ways to innovate during these incredibly difficult times, from pub-in-a-box sets to ready to go cocktails, to Michelin star dining at home.

Now, the Davies and Brook restaurant at Claridge’s, run by Swiss chef Daniel Humm of three Michelin star Eleven Madison Park in New York, is launching a ‘to go’ menu, which features CFC (Claridge’s Fried Chicken, of course).

The box is priced at £35. Along with the fried chicken, it includes three side dishes: potato and celery salad, marinated aubergine and broad bean hummus, and a parker roll. The box also comes with a raspberry cheesecake dessert.

If one dessert isn’t enough, for an extra £20, you can get an eight-inch lemon tart which serves up to six people added as well.

The CFC boxes will be available Thursday-Saturday from 2-6pm. All the items are ready to eat, but Claridge’s recommends warming the chicken and bread rolls first.

And if you’re feeling thirsty, there’s two pre-mixed cocktails available too: a strawberry and jasmine milk punch made with gin, vermouth, strawberry and jasmine syrup; or an elderflower cooler with Cocchi Americano, Caperitif, St Germain elderflower liqueur and citrus, for £9 each. If wine’s more your bag, there’s a selection ready to go, along with beers from Goose Island and Lost & Grounded.

You can pre-order the boxes on the Claridge’s website.

Would you like to try the fanciest fried chicken takeaway ever?

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Comments (3)

  • That's awesome

      10 months ago
  • Nobody asked for haute cuisine KFC, but it's a yes from me.

      10 months ago
  • Yes, we have a local fine dining in Atlanta that makes fantastic Fried Chicken. Funny enough we have this chain restaurant that that’s supposed to be their specialty. It’s more expensive than that other place and tons worse. Thinking about it, it’s not hard to make fried chicken. 🤣 for them to screw that up. Their not going to be in business long.

      8 months ago