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Florence Pugh made marmalade; Paddington is impressed

Florence Pugh made some marmalade and caught the eye of Paddington bear on Twitter

1y ago

Not only is Florence Pugh a fantastic actor, it turns out she's pretty handy with some orange rinds too. Recently she took to social media in the midst of a cooking frenzy. She was making marmalade like a woman possessed. The industrial scale of the cooking, which was done in vats and in a professional looking kitchen caused some to wonder whether Pugh was starting some kind of lucrative side hustle, while others suggested she was using a large vat to reduce clean up time (less splash and spillage. You follow?)

Either way, it wasn't long before parallels were drawn between the Little Women star and Paddington, the fictional bear from the much loved Michael Bond children's stories. Since receiving the Hollywood treatment in 2014, Paddington has taken to Twitter like any self-respecting celebrity, and so it wasn't long before Pugh, our marvellous movie star marmalade maker, was detected by Paddington.

In a generous move that captures the kindness of even Hollywood's elite, Pugh subsequently offered a jar to the Peruvian bear of page and screen, and suggested that these two Hollywood heavyweights hung out.

Much to the delight of Paddington, Pugh and preservative fans worldwide, Paddington graciously accepted. And best of all, he did it in quintessential Paddington bear formality. But with an all important caveat: he was to provide his own marmalade.

How kind. However, some have suggested that Paddington's refusal to eat Pugh's marmalade gives a telling sign that off screen he is overly particular and somewhat obtuse. The Paddington PR team began furiously burying rumours that Paddington shunned Pugh's first marmalade attempt, preferring instead his own orange conserve (which insiders say he calls his 'special sauce').

Meanwhile, adoring fans were practically begging that this Pugh/Paddington partnership be incorporated into Paddington 3.

What do you make of this news? Is it news? Is it interesting? Is the Hollywood media circus all a distraction? Let us know in the comments...

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