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Focaccia art is the latest lockdown food trend

Taking bread making to the next level

1y ago

About halfway into lockdown, everyone had exhausted their Netflix list, their book supply, and they jigsaw stash, so they took to the kitchen. Never has the nation seen so much banana bread and cherry bread and... well every kind of bread.

It's funny really that the supermarkets were struggling to keep the bread shelves stocked, when we had all transformed into Mr Warburton himself.

Satisfied that we have perfected our loaf making skills, it seems the nation has taken to jazzing it up a bit, in the form of fancy types of bread. Focaccia, specifically.

Focaccia is a flattened loaf, similar in appearance and texture to a pizza base, but it's bready and delicious. Its predictably flat form makes is perfect for getting fancy, by adding some of your favourite toppings.

Not like you do with a pizza, where you toss them on in any sort of order, but placing things precisely to make lovely pictures... before you devour it.

Focaccia art is the phase of lockdown we are now in, and here are some of the internet's finest examples.

It's a lovely way to jazz up your bread and get creative in the kitchen but, as with the person who did an NHS focaccia, it's a lovely way to send a message of thanks. That particular bread was sliced up and sold to raise money for the NHS.

Have you made any arty bakes during lockdown?

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  • No but I might need to...a couple of those were amazing!

      1 year ago