Food allergies in the food court: Reviewing the options at Butlin's Skegness

    How to go about eating at Butlin's Skegness resort with food allergies

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    Trying to order food in new places can be scary. Add allergies on top of that, and the aftermath if it goes wrong raises the stakes more dramatically. Here's a handy guide of how to navigate the scary world of food court dining while away on holiday at Butlin's Skegness resort.

    After you've settled into your accommodation, make your way to the dining area you've been assigned (I was in Coral Beach, Butlin's Skegness). Due to Covid, you stood in a socially distanced queue before going inside (wearing a mask), scanning the QR track and trace thing with the app, and swiping your key card.

    After this, you need to talk to the host of the restaurant and let them know you have allergies and what they are. The host will tell the staff member directing you to your seat. The staff member that guided you to your seat will probably double check your allergies before going to grab the chef (they will go through your options for the morning/evening).

    After being seated, you go to collect your tray and follow the arrows indicating the direction you need to go for food. If the chef is not there, inform the serving staff that you have allergies, and have been told to talk to the chef. They will tell you where to stand until the chef comes out to see you.

    Starter: Tuna Salad, Coleslaw and Salad Cream. Main: Turkey, Mixed Vegetables, Boiled New Potatoes and Gravy

    Starter: Tuna Salad, Coleslaw and Salad Cream. Main: Turkey, Mixed Vegetables, Boiled New Potatoes and Gravy

    When the chef arrives, he will check your allergies with you again to make sure he has them right, before either checking the food again or just telling you what you are safe to eat. Some things are available without sauce (such as the salmon in the photo above) and they will get you that from the back. Gluten-free breakfasts are in the back, so you will need to ask for that every morning if that is what you want.

    After the food item/meal is brought from the back, you can choose vegetables and safe to eat accompaniments. Then you return to your table, remove your mask and enjoy your meal.

    *Drinks are also available in the restaurant and you will be directed to where they are on your first meal. Any questions about what is in the drinks can be answered by staff who are stationed there.

    *I am not affiliated with Butlin's in any way. I have been going on holiday there from being six years old and have been asked about it many a time over the years. I thought this might be useful for someone, as this information isn't as wide spread as I'd like.

    I hope you feel better about booking food if you do chose to have a holiday at Butlin's with your family. If you have any more questions about eating with food allergies, pop them in the comments and I'll happily answer as best as I can.

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