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- Sweetgreen is one of the companies offering free food to hospital workers cr: Paulo O via Flickr

Food companies do the right thing and offer free food for hospital staff

Sweetgreen, Simply Good Jars and &Pizza are among the companies running the offer

1y ago

In these extraordinary times, our healthcare teams are working under extreme stress and a free, healthy meal would be particularly welcome. Well, now hospital workers in several cities across the US can access fresh, nutritious food — for free.

A few food companies have stepped in to help. Sweetgreen is offering free salads and bowls to medical personnel and hospital workers. Using their Outpost scheme (which allows for batched delivery drop-off in larger companies), Sweetgreen will offer the salads at hospitals in the DC Area, Philadelphia, Boston, NYC, SF, LA, Chicago and Houston. If you work at a hospital you can request a Sweetgreen Outpost here.

Then there’s Simply Good Jars. That’s a Philadelphia company which offers fresh food in reusable jars, selling them out of smart fridges in various locations, including offices. The Spoon reports that SGJ will now be offering free jars at the three hospitals which currently have their smart fridges.

&Pizza, a chain with spots across the country, is also offering free, unlimited pizza to hospital workers, from doctors and nurses to administrators and cleaning staff. Workers should text #HERO at 200-03 with a photo of their ID, for free contactless delivery.

Do you know of any other food companies helping hospital workers? Let us know!

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  • Wow- let us all try to support them. Good Idea 😃

      1 year ago