Food foreplay: 41% of people use food to spice up their love life

...and some people reckon garlic gets them in the mood

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Food and sex are two intrinsic parts of being alive. The two are linked in ways you might never have thought of. Dating often starts out with dining, so surely it makes sense that food could eventually make it into the bedroom too? Well, it can be really sexy, or incredibly not sexy. You don’t want to be worrying about where all that Champagne or honey is going to go – not the 400 thread count white Egyptian cotton sheets! We quizzed FoodTribers on their *ahem* position on food and drink in the bedroom.

41% of people use food to spice up their love life

While 59% of people have never used food to spice up their love life, 10% have given it a go once, 27% of people are using food occasionally, and 4% are munching in more ways than one all the time. A whole 5% even admitted to getting an injury as a result of food play.

And people are quite adventurous when it comes to where they get it on, with 16% saying the kitchen, 43% all around the house, and 40% keeping it between the sheets.

Whipped cream is still the most popular choice

It’s a classic, but whipped cream is still number one when it comes to foodie foreplay (37%). Coming up close behind is chocolate (28%) and Champagne (14%), with honey only getting 3% of the vote... wonder why?

Garlic gets some people in the mood

It may come as a bit of a surprise, but some people rate garlic, chillies and salmon as aphrodisiacs to get people in the mood. It might sound strange, but eating a lot of garlic might just elevate things between the sheets. This, according to Dr Steve McGough, an expert in sexology and biochemistry, is due to garlic’s high allicin content. Allicin increase blood flow, which some men might find… beneficial. And it also increases cardiovascular health.

The traditional oyster seems to be falling out of favour with just 4% of the vote, while strawberries (37%) and chocolate (48%) are still the top choice for most.

The majority of people will be spending Valentine’s Day at home

While 22% of respondents will be out at a fancy restaurant, 37% are planning to stay at home with a loved one either cooking or getting a takeaway, and 39% will be spending it home alone. Just 3% are off out to find love in a bar or club.

That could be due to any number of reasons, but UK supermarkets are taking advantage, with some incredibly cheap meal deal offers for this Valentine's.

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