Food memory: Two kids and an Icee machine

Another little glimpse into my childhood

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2w ago

If you all watched the recent podcast with John Coleman, Jane Fyffe and I, I told a story from my childhood and when I was done with the story John told me that I needed to share that story in a post for FoodTribe.

The story takes place just over thirty five years ago in a very, very small town here in southern Ohio. I was roughly ten years old and my friend Carl was just a little older than me. It was a warm and sunny day and my friend Carl and I was on a mission that day. The little restaurant in our little town (It was the only restaurant in our little town) was getting the first Icee machine in town. So of course we wanted to be the first people to get some of that Icee goodness. I met Carl at his house that morning and we raced each other on our bikes down the street to the restaurant. When we arrived Mr. O'Dell (The owner of the restaurant) was still setting up the machine that was surely going to give us a bad case of brain freeze. We was the only people in the place, so we sat in a small booth so we would not be in the way of Mr. O'Dell setting up that glorious machine.

Looking back now, old man O'Dell was truly testing our patience and eagerness. After hooking everything up and letting it run for a bit he done a few more checks and flashing a smile at Carl and I. After some more checks he gave us a big grin and said "I know what you kids want" with that being said Carl and I sprung from the booth and ran to the shiny new Icee machine hollering "Icee's" Old man O'Dell just laughed and said "No, I know what you really want to do" This confused Carl and I a bit, Mr. O'Dell then said something that will be with me till I die, "I know you two want to stick your head under the spout and drink the syrup" After a fleeting moment of shock we found ourselves with our heads under our desired flavor and holding the spout wide open drinking all that syrupy goodness while Mr. O'Dell just laughed.

After we wiped the syrup from our faces Mr. O'Dell gave us two free Icee's and we were on our way to enjoy our Icee's and the rest of that glorious day that is frozen into my memory forever. Oh FoodTribe, how I truly miss those days.

I hope you all liked this little story from my childhood, let me know in the comments. Stay safe and stay positive you all! I love you FoodTribe!

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Comments (62)

  • Thats one of those that gets told for generations!

      18 days ago
    • You are so correct! I have told it hundreds of times but never thought about making a post for it.

        18 days ago
    • Its one of those stories with the grandkids around ... " You know when i was your age..."

        18 days ago
  • That's awesome! Glad you got around to posting it.

      18 days ago
    • Thanks! I have been busy and I was hoping to find a picture of a period correct Icee machine but that was impossible.

        18 days ago
    • You're welcome

        18 days ago
  • That's a nice story! :D

      18 days ago
  • Great memory Doug! Thanks for sharing😊 and a special thanks to for pushing you on writing about it 🤪

      18 days ago
    • Thanks Natali! I am just glad you liked it. Yes, I probably would not have thought about posting it until brought it up. 😀

        18 days ago
    • I’ll always do my best to make come through with some good content for us all - which is why I’m not giving up on the cricket sampling yet

        17 days ago
  • This is a wonderful story! Thank you for writing it. There are advantages to small town life that compensate for the fact that EVERYBODY in town knows EVERYTHING about their neighbors! 😊

      18 days ago
    • Thank you Jeannine! Thanks for liking it🙂

      Yes, there are a lot of advantages but yes everyone knows your business.

        18 days ago
    • That was very useful to my parents - we never got away with anything! 🤣 It was like all the grownups in town were part of a not-so-secret spy network.

        18 days ago