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Food with rhythm: a fun way to learn about natural ingredients

Macka-B follows a rastafari vegan ital diet, and wants to tell you all about it

43w ago

Let's be honest, most of us have been using social media and streaming services a lot more than usual during these lockdown days. That's the reason why today, I bring you a Youtube channel and instagram account recommendation.

You've probably already heard about him. Macka-B is a British born Jamaican reggae artist and activist. His music is mostly based on the message of his religion, and so is his food, following a rastafari vegan ital diet.

Last year he started creating songs about food and its benefits, posting them on instagram and YouTube.

First, he created "Medical Monday", a fun and informative way to show the medicinal properties of some fruits and vegetables. Later on, he created "Wha me eat Wednesdays" where he sings about the nutrients, vitamins, minerals some foods give us. They're all fun and educational one-minute videos, and I think everyone should take a look.

"Wha me eat" playlist:

"Medical Monday" playlist:

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