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'Foodies Table' game review

Gameloft's new game, 'Foodies Table' is all about fake food on a fake table on fake social media...

2y ago

A few months ago, the hottest games on the app store were 'Covet Fashion' and various clones of it. 'Covet Fashion' is a game where you dress up in various clothes and enter competitions to show off your style.

Now, there's a foodie version.

'Foodies Table' is all about plating food, taking a picture and getting likes on it. But it's not real food. It's imaginary food, that doesn't always look like something you would want to eat.

You also need to purchase each ingredient, plate, napkin, cutlery and even instagram filters to be able to complete your plating.

Once your meal is complete (a main and two sides), you post your fake food on a fake social network where other players vote for how pretty your fake food looks. How meta.

Is this where we're headed? It went from people who enjoy taking pictures of food in real life because they are impressed by what they cooked or what they are presented with in restaurants, to a game where you take fake food pictures to impress fake people...

It might be trendy, but is it fun? Not really. My biggest question is: Why?

Great foodie mobile games to play

Games where you get to cook the food or serve clients quickly make sense as they are fun at their core, and have more of a purpose.

If you want to play some, here are my recommendations:

- Good Pizza, Great Pizza

- Cooking Mama

- Cooking Madness

If you have a little one who enjoys cooking or watching you bake, check out:

- Strawberry Shortcake: Ice Cream Island

- Smurfs' Bakery

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Comments (4)

  • This sounds utterly awful. The only cooking game I enjoyed was Cooking Fever on the iPad.

      2 years ago
  • What will they think of next.... Thanks for the honest review!

      2 years ago
  • It’s a cute game. It’s not supposed to be a cooking game. And many of those cooking games often have time pressures, which are simply awful and have ugly cartoonish graphics. It’s more of a design game. You’re setting a table. I imagine they’ll add more table accessories and decor after awhile. It’s more along the lines of the other non-stress-inducing games like Design my Room or Home Design. Not everyone wants to play a game that stresses the ever living crap out of them, and this is a casual gamer’s game for people who like to create a picture presentation of something other than an outfit or a room. It has zero to do with cooking. That’s probably why they called it Foodies TABLE.

      2 years ago
    • I understand that it's not a cooking game, and that it obviously appeals to people who want to play at their own rhythm.

      What I don't like is that you can't actually be creative with it since it uses the economy that Covet Fashion and Design...

      Read more
        2 years ago