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Introducing the FoodTribe Birthday Challenge

Everyone wants to come help celebrate, right?

1w ago

What happens when you have a big family get together? You have a potluck, so everyone brings a dish to help feed all the people.

I want you to post your go-to potluck recipes/instructions on how to make your dish. So whether it be Grandma's fried chicken recipe, German potato salad, cheesecake bites, post it to whatever tribe is appropriate but make sure to post it to a tribe. You have the rest of the month. As for prizes that depends on how much you all participate. I will start with 500 TribeCoins for first and 250 for second BUT if I get enough participants to where I can do multiple categories then there will be multiple prizes! #FTBIRTHDAY

Potluck dish recipe/instructions

Post to appropriate tribe


you have til the end of the month

I can't wait to see what you all will cook up!

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