FoodTribe Gaming: Can you beat my time on Silly Walks?

Silly Walks is a fun foodie mobile game, let's see how good you are at kitchen rally.

1y ago

I recently discovered a game called Silly Walks and I instantly knew it would be fun because it combines three of my favourite things, gaming, food and racing. The game was released in 2017 for both IOS and Android and was downloaded 1.5 million times in the first week, but I wasn't paying attention then so let's pretend its just been released.

In the main part of the game you take control of a variety of food characters and navigate through levels to rescue their foodie friends, but it's the kitchen rally that we're talking about today.

The challenge

It's simple, beat my time on the kitchen rally and tell us your time in the comments.

When you load the game just tap on the car in a green circle on the left and then you will see the kitchen rally. My best time after a couple of failed practices was 1:38.53.

Play video

As you can see I'm no expert but that makes it more fun

Download the game for free from the links below

And don't forget to comment your time

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