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FoodTribe recipe round-up: Bread, bread, bread

I hope you weren't planning on going carb free, because this could be naan-tastic!

Jane Fyffe posted in Baking
2w ago

I thought I would round-up a bunch of recent bread recipes on FoodTribe. There are a few different options of bread products to choose from. I hope you're not going carb-free anytime soon...

Marcus Lorenz: Sunflower Seed Bread

Just in time for Veganuary, we have a sunflower seed bread. Either way it looks as tasty as can be.

Alex R: Dinkel Mischbrot

Alex states this is Germany's greatest national dish. Yes, it's bread!

Rebecca Suehring: Almond Biscotti

I am not sure if this belongs here, or when I posted the sugar and spice recipes, but it's snuck into this post.

Fulana Food Burgler: Pao de queijo

Or perhaps a little easier to say for some: cassava flour bread with cheese.

Tabitha Frazer: Naan

I told you this was going to be naan-tastic. You can find the link to the recipe Tabitha uses in the comments.

I hope you enjoy this carb-filled round-up...

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Comments (22)

  • I love bread!

      16 days ago
  • Mmm bread πŸ˜€

      16 days ago
  • Great selection and thanks for the mention Jane! Naan-tastic for sure 😁πŸ₯°

      16 days ago
  • This has ruined my plans for a #lowcarblilfe πŸ˜‚

      16 days ago
    • 🀣 join me with meat free

        16 days ago
    • haha! I've done Veganuary a couple of times before, and enjoyed it, but I was thinking about it this year, along with Dry January, and just thought with everything going on in the world, I'm not sure I can do it this time round. You're clearly a...

      Read more
        16 days ago
  • That’s using your loaf .

      14 days ago