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FoodTribe reviews: The Pizza Hut KFC Popcorn Chicken pizza

What did we really think of the gravy base?

22w ago

[Yes, this is our review from 2020, but we're guessing it hasn't really changed]

It's taken the world by storm. People are going crazy. It's the most talked about thing since Brexit. People are desperately clamouring to get their mitts on a slice of 2021's most ambitious crossover... since they brought it out in 2020.

Yes, we're talking about the Pizza Hut KFC Popcorn Chicken pizza.

Large classic Pizza Hut crust. Gravy base. Cheese. Sweetcorn. Popcorn chicken.

[Oh my god we had an OFFICE that we worked in] Naturally the FoodTribe office had to hot foot it down to the local Pizza Hut to grab one (after finding out we couldn't order it online, for reasons?).

Handily, the KFC Popcorn Chicken pizza is available as part of Pizza Hut's existing deals, so we took advantage of Tuesday 2'sday – more for us.

Here's what we thought of it... [We even SHARED FOOD]

Rachael Hogg – editor of FoodTribe

"We're only in February, but this will definitely win the award for the most ambitious crossover of 2020 [ah, seems like yesterday]. I'm calling it. I was incredibly sceptical of the concept of a 'gravy base', but in the end, I found myself wanting more, although I'm not sure it's more gravy that I wanted? You got the occasional hint calling like a Siren into the thick, dark brown depths, but the memory – and the taste – quickly faded, relenting into well, mostly cheese, and salty chickeny bites. I like my pizza saucy goddammit, and it was not saucy! I'd improve it by adding a gravy dipping pot – Pizza French dip anyone? – swap the base for tomato, and add a bonus side of Popcorn Chicken. Oh, and more of whatever the weird greenish dust is. That stuff is great."

Tim Rodie – head of content at DriveTribe

"I’m a huge fan of KFC and feel-good pizzas, but I wasn’t holding out especially high hopes for the popcorn chicken pizza. So much so that I ordered a cheeky Texan BBQ on the side to assuage any disappointment. But you know what? I shouldn’t have worried – the pizza is actually alright. It’s a largely cheese-based eating experience, with a delightful chickeny oasis in each bite. It could use more sauce though – I didn’t really get much in the way of gravy. With an undercurrent of barbecue sauce it’d stand a good chance of becoming my go-to pizza."

Michael Haffenden – head of social

"In what is arguably the most ambitious crossover since DriveTribe and FoodTribe, KFC and Pizza Hut have joined forces to truly give us the best of both worlds. Making the most of Pizza Hut's Tuesday 2'sday deal, we ordered two large pizzas for the office. Needless to say, they didn't last long. More of these crossovers in future please!"

Russell Campbell – editor of DriveTribe

"The Popcorn Chicken Pizza sets KFC's chicken adrift on a sea of gravy and a stodgy dough base. The result... is better than it sounds. KFC’s chicken is lighter and more flavoursome than your common-o-garden chicken breast and the hint of gravy goodness finishes the flavour off beautifully."

Darren Farbiszewski – finance man

"I feared the worst when I saw the concept, but surprisingly, it tasted pretty nice. I was expecting a messy pizza with gravy going everywhere, but that wasn't the case. The dusting had a good flavour too. If I could amend anything on the pizza, I would probably add some tomato in the base and possibly have some gravy in a pot to dip the pizza into."

Have you tried it? Will you be trying it? It's only around for four weeks!

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Comments (14)

  • Tried it in the office just now and I would get it again!

      1 year ago
  • you...really are rubbing it in our doughy American faces. Just you wait for the next good thing WE get here!!

      1 year ago
    • You get all the good things! Let us have this!

        1 year ago
    • Sir? You have all the good music, all the good telly, and the damn gravy pizza. We have...Trump.

        1 year ago
  • 'Finance man' ha ha

      1 year ago
  • I’d want lashings of gravy. Maybe not so much that the cheese slides off but enough that you’re worried about the state you’ll be in when you’re done!

      1 year ago
  • Well it’s never gonna happen here because they are both gone from the whole province. Damn!!!

      1 year ago