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For Bitter or Worse

This Filipino vegetable recipe is one of the healthiest recipes around but the more infamous ones. Why? Well, the answer lies in the name itself.

6w ago

Bitter melon or Bitter Gourd is a tropical and subtropical vine widely grown in Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. It is best known for anti-diabetes effects. It contains a chemical known as insulin-like peptide that is similar in shape and function to animal-produced insulin. Other chemicals, including vicine, in bitter melon may also have blood-sugar lowering effects.

This vegetable is one of the most hated vegetables of children. and as I was then I did not eat it either. but over time I have gradually explored different foods, I have also learned to eat them and also look for them from time to time.

Ginisang Ampalaya or Sauteed Bitter Gourd with is one of the most delicious Ampalaya dishes for me ( the second one is the another famous Bitter Gourd dish, Ampalaya con Carne. Ginisang Ampalaya is a Filipino stir-fried bitter melon with an egg that is mixed with onion, garlic, tomato, scrambled egg and meat (I put canned corned beef instead and it was so good) It is a popular vegetable side dish in the Philippines which is perfect to eat with white rice.

I remember that my Grandpa also taught me a technique on how to make Ginisang Ampalaya less bitter by soaking it in the water with salt. The bitterness doesn't overpower the dish when you used this technique than the normal method.

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  • I would like to try it!

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  • I would try it

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