Forage by Sachie Nomura

A taste bud sensation in New Zealand

2y ago

We were invited to 'forage' for our food in a meal created by Lexus brand ambassador Sachie Nomura of Sachie's Kitchen.

Sachie is New Zealand's most admired pan-Asian cuisine chef. The meal she prepared for us at the launch of the new Lexus RX was her signature Omotenshi 'Our wholehearted hospitality.'

Entree included: Tamagoyaki - Sweet egg roll, Mizo Mizuna. Goma Ae - Asparagus, black sesame paste, Fresh Oysters (daikon and ponzu jelly), Snapper Carpaccio - mandarin soy dressing, yuzu oil, wasabi tobiko, Aburi sushi, Wagyu beef sushi, teriyaki drizzle, Japanese Baba ganoush - smoked eggplant, house-dried anonori rice puff, pomegranate seed.

Riku - Hoji-tea smoked duck, roasted baby beets and baby carrots served with Umesyu plum sauce and pine nut miso cream

Minazuke - Plum wine NAMA (Raw chocolate), Black Sesame Macaron, butter cream and Anko, and finally, Sachie's Matcha Cheesecake - It was simply Yummy in any language.

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