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Ford wants you to eat out of the front boot/trunk of their new car

No, this is not a joke...

1y ago

Electric cars have a boot/trunk in the front called a frunk (front-trunk). Ford's new electric SUV - Mustang Mach-E has a 'frunk' and it is approximately the same size as a 36 gallon cooler. The frunk in the Mach-E Mustang is a plastic tub, like the insides of a cooler.

...use it for tailgates, i say picnics too...

Ford's idea of using the 'frunk' for food is by thinking of the next (American) football season, a time by which the Mustang Mach-E will be ready and getting delivered, and to use the 'frunk' for tailgating. If you do not know what 'tailgating' is? It is an activity that happens around the tailgate of the vehicle where people sit and grill food and eat and also consume beverages. This is really popular during American Football season in the United States. I reckon it can be used in the same way for picnics.

Ford have even given ideas for using the frunk for tailgating. They have said if you empty a bag or two of ice in the frunk you can keep shrimp chilled and fresh for shrimp cocktail, keep vegetables crisp and fresh and also keep beverages of your choice chilled, don't forget the containers of dip too.

..it can used for bbq chicken wings too...

This is a bit weird but it works - Ford say you can store 1,000 regular size barbecued chicken wings in the frunk. If you are worried about the sauce of the chicken wings, Ford actually thought this through. You just have to open the drain cap which is connected to a pipe leading water out of the car, take your garden hose and spray it down. It seems like a practical solution.

It is a bit weird that the frunk could be used in this manner, and I bet someone will use it in one of the above ways, I would use it for cooling my beverages. But I have a bigger question for you👇🏼

Would you eat from the frunk? if yes, what would that food be?

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Comments (16)

  • What am I supposed to do with 1000 chicken wings🤣🤣 I don't have nearly enough friends

      1 year ago
    • Well people need to eat...Ford only have that as a size reference, they actually think people can eat a thousand chicken wings

        1 year ago
  • More ways Ford is prepping its customers for when the vehicles break down. Good on them. 🙏🏻

      1 year ago
  • During American Football season it is downright COLD! That said it still seems weird to eat straight from the trunk. Would I do it? Yep.

      1 year ago
    • Ok am curious what would you eat out of it

        1 year ago
    • Pretty much anything edible. It basically seems to be a cooler, which I have seen used to cook sweet corn (green maize) by pouring boiling water into it. I think favorites for tailgating would be to have foil wrapped buffalo wings,...

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        1 year ago
  • Yeah! Go ahead and put shrimp in a brand new car! Lets smell how that turns out!

      1 year ago
  • In Australia the weather is generally warm, which raises risk issues for lithium battery powered devices.

    There is even a phrase :

    " I'm

    But in colder parts of America, a hot lithium battery pack could possibly be used as a heat source, to warm the passenger compartment, and to possibly warm a meal.


    If you have a heat source, what could it do that was useful ?


      1 year ago
    • Interesting point of view, didn’t think of it that way

        1 year ago
    • I'm not sure exactly about the battery risk.

      A local fireman recently voiced his concerns on the issue.

      The larger lithium barriers sold in Australia have automatic warning lights that tell you when they are overheating.

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        1 year ago