Forget bouquets of flowers this Valentine's Day... we want food

Flowers are fine, but watch your loved one's eyes light up when you give them a bouquet of pickles, sausage rolls or cupcakes instead.

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Nobody is saying flowers aren't lovely. They're traditional, they look amazing, smell amazing, and they're the classic choice. You are unlikely to go wrong with them, especially if you know that special someone's favourite bloom.

However, imagine your loved one's surprise if you decided to get a little creative with it instead. Forget their favourite flowers, we are thinking about assembling their favourite food into a bouquet...

Now we're talking! Next level Valentine's gift that ticks all the boxes and will send you straight into the good books!

Here are some of our favourites:


I don't know many people who don't love KFC, and if this is your significant other's favourite take out place, then your Valentine's Day is suddenly sorted. Sadly, they are not ready to make these to deliver. We were inspired by a competition down under where 20 lucky chicken lovers will receive a bouquet made by them. But that shouldn't stop you from getting creative and putting something more custom together, with a personal touch. It could have a selection of their favourites and maybe the addition of some flowers, for a slightly traditional touch.


We love the idea of this and the look of it. The benefits of this idea: cupcakes are a staple sweet treat, they can be make to look like flowers, and they will probably offer you one so you get to eat cake.

Drawbacks: You'll need to bake, which is a lot of effort, and icing cupcakes to look like flowers is pretty difficult! That said, the more "homemade" or "rustic" looking ones will be very charming and... if that's all a bit much, you could always just buy some pretty cupcakes from the shop, or get someone else to do it for you.

This is ambitious. Do your best - they will love it!

This is ambitious. Do your best - they will love it!

Sausage rolls

If you have never had a sausage roll from Greggs, I urge you to stop what you are doing now (finish reading this, obviously!) and get yourself to your local branch to remedy this! You will not regret it and, for this reason, you should consider these royal snacks for your special bouquet. It has been done before but don't let that kill your enthusiasm, because anyone who brings you a Greggs sausage roll is an instant hit! Style it how you wish, here are some suggestions:


Some of us are just not like everyone else. It's to be celebrated! Among that crowd of 'out there' individuals, there are those who really love pickles. Now, this is not for everyone, it's most certainly not for me, but one thing is for sure, this will not be what they were expecting. This should, perhaps, only be considered for the biggest pickle fans. But please, give it a go!

Chocolate bouquet

If there's something people like more than flowers on Valentine's Day, it's chocolate. How about combining the two into an edible bloom? I would say chocolate lasts longer than flowers too, but if I got one of these, it'd be gone in an hour... Make your Valentine's the sweetest yet! As well as 'traditional' looking bouquets, you can get ones featuring beers and teddybears.

Other suggestions you could try include pigs in blankets, retro sweets, fruit... the possibilities are endless! So get creative this Valentine's Day and give them the surprise the didn't know they wanted!

What would you want in an edible bouquet?

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