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Formula Food: Huski Chocolate – What's it all about?

You've seen the brand adorning F1 cars for the past few years, but what do they actually sell?

8w ago

You can't miss it. Writ large on the rear wing of the Mclaren F1 cars of late "HUSKI CHOCOLATE". But do they actually exist? Can you find their product in supermarkets? And does what they make taste good? Well, I'm embarking on a new series to try and eat and drink my way through the F1 grid, pulling apart sponsors and trying to get my hands on their energy drinks, coffee, liquor, tea, beer, mayonnaise, and everything in between really.

So, Huski Chocolate

The concept was created by two Norwegians in Sweden. Linus Wessman and Robin Hallberg conjured up the idea for a stand-out chocolate drink in 2012 while hiking in the Swedish mountains, in a blizzard. As you do. The pair wanted to create an unrivalled, all-natural chocolate drink that would bring comfort to the cold and strength to the brave in the most challenging of conditions. Marketed as a drink for those who push the boundaries it made sense that it eventually found its way into the pinnacle of motorsport and on the back of the Mclaren in 2019 with the MCL34 as a fairly major sponsor.

They were also sponsors of Alfa Romeo from 2019, where they were initially supposed to be a one-race partner, through to 2020. Although, I haven't seen their brand emblazoned across the C41. In its place is Eighty One Powerdrink, an energy drink by the looks of it, who sell their product with the line "energy without the bull". Just what F1 needs, another fruitloop energy drink on the grid...

In the UK at least, you cannot buy Huski Chocolate in stores, just from their online site.

Anyway, Huski Chocolate. What is it like? Well to find out I ordered a case of it and had a try.

Which sponsor should I try and track down and consume next?

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  • You should track down Red Bull. Oh wait, they are a team not a sponsor. *starts laughing*

      1 month ago
    • On a more serious note, I'd love to learn about BWT

        1 month ago
    • They make water treatment products. So I’d just end up drinking filtered water, which isn’t overly exciting as a video. Mind you, neither is just drinking chocolate milk on camera.

        1 month ago