Fortnight Bespoke Blonde Ale

A local brewery's blonde ale...

2y ago

I bet you didn't know North Carolina was famous for two Fortnights. Both Fortnite and Fortnight are based in Cary, NC. I prefer the beer over the video game, so this is my non-beer nerd review of Fortnight Brewing Co's Bespoke Blonde Ale. Much like Triple C's Golden Boy, this blonde ale is nice and light and goes down easy.

Unlike the other beers I've shared though, this one has a bit more alcohol content and more of an aftertaste. I can't drink these like I can the other two. This beer is maybe one or two tops, and then I'm done. Fortnight uses a cask brewing process, inspired by English brewers from days of old. Their style is definitely working; this Bespoke blonde ale won a silver metal at the 2016 US Open Beer Championship.

I love the can art on this one too. A classy dude in a custom suit, smoking a tobacco pipe before he hits the road in his pre-war American automobile. The downside of these cans, however, is that they come in an eco-friendly 6-pack holster, the kind that doesn't strangle turtles. I mean, I love Mother Earth and I fully support the environment, but when I detach a can it shakes it up so bad, every can I've opened so far has overflowed.

That sounds petty, I'm sorry. Here's to the turtles.

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Comments (3)

  • Fortunate for them they happened to pick a really popular name.. Nice review Scott!

      2 years ago
    • I think they were first, but don’t quote me on that! Cheers Ben

        2 years ago