Fortnight's Coffee Amber Ale: the best of both worlds

Another local recommendation to try when you're in my neck of the woods...

Scott Nadeau posted in Beer
1y ago

Coffee and beer; two necessary and life sustaining liquids for young parents. One to wake you up, the other to wind you down. Somewhere along the line, a brilliant brewer combined the two. No, it's not really brewed with coffee. The coffee flavor comes from amber malts from the UK, but it really does finish off like a sip of coffee. That also means it doesn't contain caffeine, in case you were wondering.

This local beer is delicious, it's super smooth and is very drinkable. I like this one better than their Bespoke Blonde Ale, even though I tend to favor lighter beers. Just like Bespoke Blonde though, Fortnight has some pretty sweet can art going on here too. It features a cowboy or farmer enjoying a hot cup of brew while watching the sunrise. He's already been working for a couple hours, but it's time to take a break and enjoy the moment. That's exactly the vibe I get drinking this beer from Fortnight.

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Comments (2)

  • That looks mighty good there pardner...

      1 year ago
    • Only thing better after tillin’ the fields is Clementine’s Christmas apple pie

        1 year ago